If you teach sixth grade or high school Civics or Environmental Science in Orleans Parish and want to help your students become leaders in energy efficiency, Energy Smart is a one-of-a-kind opportunity. Energy Wise implements Energy Smart for Kids. Energy Smart is a program developed by the New Orleans City Council and administered by Entergy New Orleans for Orleans Parish residents. 

What exactly is the program?

Energy Smart for Kids is an in-class session built around an hour-long time frame, but flexible to a school's particular class block. We offer an optional second session to check back in with your students and give them a chance to try some fun energy experiments. After the first session, each student goes home with an energy efficiency starter kit that they can install with their families at home. 

What do we cover?

Our visual and hands-on lessons are Common Core and Louisiana Student Standards correlated, and provide an excellent supplement to your classroom. Our experience has taught us that students often lack the in-depth understanding of energy systems that may be necessary in order to take action to save money and carbon emissions. We seek to fill in the blanks and inspire them to make changes in their own lives. After our presentation, students should be able to answer these questions:

  • What is energy?
  • Where do we get energy?
  • Why do we choose the resources we choose?
  • Why is this problematic?
  • What can we do about it?

What is in the kit?

Students will go home with:

  • 6 high-efficiency LEDs in two wattages
  • Low-flow shower head
  • Low-flow kitchen sink aerator
  • Low-flow bathroom sink aerator
  • Flow bag to compare the difference


We ask that our teachers assign a survey for homework that students will fill out with their families.

TEACHERS GET: If your entire class brings their survey back, you receive a gift card to Home Depot.

We're dedicated to saving energy in New Orleans. Our goal is to save the families of our students a total of $112,000, and keep 600,000 pounds of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere every year for the next three years.  Please contact us to book your classes today!

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Our instructors have years of education and energy experience, from policy work to conducting thousands of on-the-ground energy audits.


Staff members are trained by certified energy auditors, and have background in the day-to-day world of energy efficiency in Southeast Louisiana.


Local auditors spend every day running negative pressure tests, and audits of real Louisiana homes.  They bring a wealth of experience.


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