Wings & Watts 2018 Early Bird Tickets
20.00 30.00

We're offering tickets to Wings and Watts 2018 for last year's price of $20. Purchase them today on the website, or in person at our next happy hour at Seven Three Distilling on May 24th. In June, admission to unlimited wings, beer, and specialty cocktails will go up to $25 for the summer, so reserve your spot at the picnic now!

Our second annual Wings & Watts fundraiser is happening this fall! On October 2nd, we'll be back in the courtyard of the Church of the Annunciation from 6pm to 9pm, serving up a buffet of unlimited wings, drinks, and rousing discussion around the work of energy education.

Leading up to our biggest event of the year, we're getting the word out early and often. We'll be at Seven Three Distilling on May 24th with early bird tickets, a painting competition (no pressure!), and a guest judge. But that won't be our only event before October! Sign up here to get all the latest news on special prices and upcoming events.

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