Energy efficiency resources for homeowners and tenants in Louisiana

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Energy Smart: New Orleans

This program offers information on AC Tune ups, appliance selection, light bulbs, and a listing of certified contractors. Rebates are also available if you get a home energy audit and use a participating  contractor. Energy Smart is a program developed by the New Orleans City Council and administered by Entergy New Orleans for Orleans Parish residents. (DOE)

Packed with resources like the DIY energy audit, 8 ways to save energy, and tips for renters.  They also have quick videos for quick actions you can take like this one.  It looks like your entire weekend is already planned out for you.

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If you want to do-it-yourself on weatherization, start with a self assessment of your home, and then air seal, add insulation and update appliances as needed via Energy Star's recommendations.

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DIY Weatherization

Start with an audit from an Energy Smart auditor, then qualify for rebates by using a qualified contractor.  Or, if the rebates aren't high enough, do some of the simple weatherization yourself.

How to

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Solar Leasing

By leasing, instead of buying panels, residential consumers can avoid repair and maintenance costs, and many times pay less or the same as you're paying now for energy.  Our programs are sponsored by Posigen who does solar leasing.

Use The Alliance for Affordable Energy's checklist to do due diligence before leasing solar panels.