Water Usage: Beating the Heat on the Cheap

From Super Soakers and swimming pools to Slip ‘N Slides and sprinklers on the front lawn, kids (and some adults) find some of the most fun yet (often) least expensive ways to survive the heat of summer. In New Orleans, one of those ways might even include multiple day or nighttime showers. This method, however, could come at a much higher cost. 

Why, you ask? Well, it all comes down to temperature. 

Despite high temperatures, not everyone enjoys an ice bath. Those who do need a little heat in the shower should note that the fuel used to heat water has a huge impact on monthly energy bills. An electric water heater can cost $550 more than a gas water heater each year. (Find out how much your water heater is costing you with this online calculator.) One helpful measure that can be taken to reduce energy spending is installing low-flow fixtures to reduce water and electric bills. 

Energy Wise Alliance has given away thousands of low-flow shower heads to youth in Orleans Parish to teach them about energy efficiency and help them contribute to their families’ monthly energy and money savings.