Champion: Charlotte Piper

This month's Energy Wise Champion focuses on Charlotte Piper, manager of strategic partnerships for Idea Village and member of the Energy Wise Alliance's Board of Directors serving as the chair of the strategic planning task force. Charlotte is currently working with other members of the EWA board as well as members of the staff to develop a strategic plan.

EWA: What is your role with Energy Wise Alliance?

CP: I am a board member and member of the governance committee.

EWA: How long have you been in your role (with EWA)?

CP: I have been with EWA since the beginning of the organization, September 2013.

EWA: How did you learn about EWA? What was your first experience?

CP: When EWA was still an idea, I met with one of the other founding board members who was looking for fresh and like-minded individuals who believed in the project. I was instantly drawn to the mission of the organization and opportunity to work with a talented and seasoned board within the energy efficiency space.

EWA: Why did you decide to get involved with EWA (as opposed to other similar organizations)? What fuels your passion for energy education and conservation?

CP: I decided to get involved with EWA because I believe in teaching individuals of all ages how to better understand and participate in the environment in which they live. Energy efficiency is a rather simple concept that can have great implications on social and environmental welfare. Joining such a young organization was also an opportunity to learn about the process and demands of a growing venture.

EWA: What do you do in your home to effectively reduce energy use and energy expenses?

CP: I have only been a renter thus far, but I do what I can to reduce energy consumption. I am stickler about turning off the lights and have most recently lived in homes where I have AC / heating units that are more easily controlled and efficient.

EWA: What have you learned by working with EWA?

CP: I have learned a great deal about the intricacies of the Louisiana energy landscape as well as the challenges involved in delivering effective educational programs. I also value what I have learned about non-profit development, governance, and management.