Slay Energy Vampires in Your Home

Vampires are real! Though the notion may seem absurd, it is true nonetheless. And while these vampires may not walk, talk or have the enthralling gaze of Bela Lugosi, they still drain away at the lives of millions of Americans every day. 

According to a 2015 report released by the National Resource Defense Council, Americans lose $19 billion to electricity drain each year due to “vampire appliances and electronics.” These devices, or “always-on” devices such as game consoles, computers, etc., pull electricity even while inactive, costing American households an average of $165 per year. The report says a simple reduction for inactive devices to the level of the 25% could save consumers $8 billion on annual utility bills (and prevent 44 million metric tons of carbon dioxide pollution). 

Not sure how to do that? Here’s a start: Plug your appliances and electronics into Advanced Power Strips ($20-$50 depending on the brand) to help cut down on energy drain. These strips will prevent electronics from syphoning energy while not in use. To help with additional savings, a $10 rebate is available after purchase of certain brands through the EnergySmart program