Get better mileage - Tune up your AC

Air conditioners are like cars: they need regular care to operate properly.  A poorly tuned AC unit can cost you money every month.

Every spring, AC contractors sell this service for about $175, but this year the Energy Smart program can make it as low at $19.99 per condenser.  What do they do at this service?


Most tune ups include cleaning your exterior condenser coil, measuring coolant and replacing air filters.  This special program includes cleaning the coil inside your home, the blower unit, measuring and adjusting air flow, measure and adjust refrigerant and calculating pre and post work efficiency.


By compressing a liquid, the outside AC compressor forces heat out of the liquid (commonly Freon).  This heat is dissipated into the air through a coil outside.  The now cold coolant is pumped into the house.  Inside, your indoor blower unit pushes air from inside your house across coils.  This air grabs the coolness from the coils, then the cooler air is pushed into your home.  The now warmer coolant is sent back outside to continue the cycle.

That's why it can be called a "forced air" system.  Air is forced from inside your house, across cold coils and back into your house.


Without an annual tune up your home won't cool very well.  Last week, my tenant next door started complaining that her AC wasn't cooling the house.  Yesterday, the AC contractor came out and found 3 major problems with her system.  

First, there wasn't enough coolant in the lines.  This meant, that the compressor was working extra hard and not cooling the air enough.

Second, the compressor outside was dirty.  Without clean airflow, the AC unit can't disperse heat into the outside air properly.

Third, our coolant line had a hole in it.  Because it was less than 4 years old, the manufacturer guaranteed it.

In all, the repair, check and refrigerant charge cost $750.  Had I called Energy Smart, it would have been $120 less.  If only I had known about the program and called a participating contractor!


All Entergy residential rate payers who have a central AC system or heat pump, that is at least 1 year old, are eligible.  Sign up online with a participating contractor.