Air Sealing Saves $370 in February

With our weatherization plan well underway, the Wine Family had yet to see clear results in our home energy costs.  However, in February, despite heavy use, we saw a bill for $290.  Still aghast at the almost $300 bill, we asked our neighbors about theirs.  "It was $690," my tenant exclaimed, "My heart almost came out of my chest when I opened it!"  So why this disparity?

It's one part behavior and one part weatherization.  

For behavior:

  1. They have 5 people living on that side to our 2 people
  2. Their AC and Heat have a lower tolerance for variability (keeping it at 70 degrees all the time)
  3. They are afraid of their programmable thermostat

For weatherization:

  1. Both ceilings and ducts were sealed.
  2. Only our side had sealing done on the interior.


In February, we went gangbusters on weather improvements on our side, spending about 10 hours during evenings and weekends to air seal the living space including:

  • Adding door sweeps to front and back ($24)
  • 4 tubes of silicone on floor molding, window moldings, door frames and latch gaps that lead to airspace in wall ($11)
  • 2 cans of Great Stuff gap sealer for larger molding gaps ($8)
  • Weather sealing old square pane windows, new windows untouched ($12)

All of these improvements were simple and easy to learn.  The videos I used to learn them were on or  They definitely played a roll in our $370 savings.